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What is a professional football prediction?

We all know that when it comes to football betting, guessing the final outcome of the match or the number of goals scored may be hard to be done just like that. Yes, sometimes your intuition or luck may work very well or you may think that it is obvious who the winner will be.

football predictions


But in fact, doing soccer predictions is not so simple. It is a challenging task, which requires much effort and time for additional research. There are professionals, called tipsters, whose main job is doing that research and drawing conclusions after that and even give soccer predictions bonus as promotion. There are too many factors, which need to be considered. The professional football forecast has a high level of confidence. So, if you really want to gain some sure profit out of betting, then you should rely on the professional opinion of these experts.

Everything is important! You need to collect as much data as you can in order to be able to come up with a reliable forecast. Here are some examples:

team issues;

injured or suspended players – that is an essential information because sometimes the missing of certain key players can affect the overall game;

current standings in Italy, Spain, France, Bundesliga or UK ranking and live score, teams shape, players form etc;

footballers involved in scandals;

lots of many factors…

Did you know that the weather forecast could affect the game results?

Probably, you have never thought of the weather as a factor, when doing your own soccer picks. But it is quite an important one! Think about not only of the current physical condition of the players while creating online soccer picks It is obvious that it is not easy running for 90 minutes, chasing a ball and trying hard to score a goal. Imagine what it feels like when it is raining (even if it is a light rain) and the field is wet and slippery. In addition to the discomfort of the players, we could say that if the weather is bad, then it becomes clear which of the teams is in the better shape. The stronger team will naturally have an advantage. The same goes not only for rain but strong wind, too hot weather and winter time!

Are you convinced yet that analyzing the stats and all factors which matter is really time-consuming task and you can make soccer and sport tips by yourself? If yes, then you know now why professional football picks is the best choice for you!

Records of past football predictions, football tips archive
Kick-off Football Game Tip Result Verdict
21 09 2019, 11:00 V-Varen Nagasaki - Kyoto
Japan , J2 League
coefficient: 2.71
1:0 WIN
21 09 2019, 14:00 MuSa - AC Oulu
Finland , Ykkonen
Over 2.75
coefficient: 1.81
0:4 WIN
21 09 2019, 14:00 Unterhaching - Grossaspach
Germany , 3 Liga
Over 2.75
coefficient: 1.94
2:0 Lose
21 09 2019, 15:00 Livorno - Pordenone
Italy , Serie B
Over 2.25
coefficient: 1.94
2:1 WIN
21 09 2019, 20:45 AC Milan - Inter
Italy , Serie A
Inter -0.25
coefficient: 1.89
0:2 WIN
20 09 2019, 20:45 Waterford - Dundalk
Ireland , Premier Division
Waterford +1.25
coefficient: 2
0:1 WIN 1/2
20 09 2019, 21:00 Frosinone - Venezia
Italy , Serie B
Under 2.25
coefficient: 1.98
1:1 WIN 1/2
20 09 2019, 19:00 Odense - Aarhus
Denmark , Superliga
Over 2.5
coefficient: 1.9
1:2 WIN
20 09 2019, 19:10 Lafnitz - Horn
Austria , 2 Liga
Over 2.75
coefficient: 1.87
2:3 WIN

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