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Barca beat Tottenham with penalty shootout in a match with beautiful goals and rough mistakes

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football tips Barcelona has begun to win the International Champiobs Cup. This night, the Catalans prevailed with Tottenham penalty shoot-outs in the clash between the two Rose Bowl teams in California. At the regular time, the match predicted by football predictions company ended with a score of 2:2 after the Spaniards led two goals in the first half by Munier El Hadaddy in the 15th and Arthur in the 29th minute. But after that, the English were equalized within two minutes in the second half after extremely rough defensive defeat. First, Heung-Min Son reduced to 73, and then Nkudou equalized in the 75th minute. This resulted in penalty shootouts, where the Barca youths showed stronger nerves and made 5 of 5 accurate shots, while Anthony Georgiou failed to overcome Jasper Silesian from the white point and so with a 5:3 victory went to the blagranas bill. The first half was not particularly exciting, although two goals fell. With one of his first better attacks, Barcelona came to the opening of the score. In the 15th minute Sergi Roberto centered in the penalty area, Rafina Alcantara headed to Munier El Hadaddy, who was also headed for 1:0.

In the 29th minute the Catalans doubled their lead. Arthur came in front of the penalty box, adjusted the ball and with a powerful jump dropped her neatly into the door assembly for 2:0. Tottenham had a hard time to score, with only Cristiano Eriksen shooting dangerously by a foul, but Jasper Silesian saved. The second part suggested more interesting moments. In the 52nd minute Ericken fired a blow from the beam. Then in the 58th minute Heung-Min Son made a shot that fell into Silesian`s hands. In the 66th minute the events moved over to the other door, where Malcolm fired dangerously on the ground, but the keeper saved. In the 73rd minute, Barca`s defense is extremely unconvincing with a left center left, several players failing to clear, and the ball reaches Son, who promptly sends her to the door. Only a couple of minutes later, in a very identical way, Tottenham came to equalize the score. This time, a right-wing centering brought a great panic to the Catalonian defense, defender defeated from the goal but then Ekdu was right for 2:2. By the end of the match, the English were the more active team and made several shots in the direction of Silesian`s door. In the 85th minute, however, Barca could have succeeded after Jean-Yves Backed several players to the opponent and made a loud jump on the ground as the ball bounced off the beam.

So the winner had to be determined with penalties. Barca`s players scored in their five attempts at the white point, while Georgiou failed to score for Tottenham, and this was fatal, with a 5:3 win going to the Catalonians.

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