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Bonucci felt betrayed by Milan

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football tips Only after a captain`s season, Leonardo Bonchev wished to leave Milan and return to Juventus. Gazzetta dello Sport today revealed the reasons for the Italian defender`s desire to take this unexpected decision.

First of all, a year ago, the Milan Grand Prix presented a project to Bonouci, which envisaged the participation of the team in the Champions League with the idea that the Rosoners would soon struggle to win the Scudetto. The invested 240 million euros in transfers lied to all supporters, and also the captain of Milan. The defender`s family returned to Turin, which led Leo to live in a hotel room, refusing to look for a house in Milan.

The situation, however, changed after arriving in the team of Gennaro Gattuso, although the bad end of the season left the team away from the battle in the fourth place. This summer, the club was shaken by UEFA`s decision to pull the seven-time Champions League winner out of the European Tournament. The severe sentence was, however, abolished, but Bonucci did not change his decision.

The revolution in the club via questions football tips after the release of Marco Fasone and Massimiliano Mirabli also did not affect Leo, despite the financial security provided by Elliott Management. So Bonucci, 31, is no longer willing to wait, but wants to pursue ambitious goals, feeling himself betrayed many times by Milan.

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