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Clop:We are in Rome to celebrate our dream

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football tips Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop does not think it would be easy for Roma to wipe out the 2:5 pass from Anfield`s first match in the upcoming UEFA Champions League semi-finals on Wednesday. The Italians have already made a similar feat by winning 3:0 against Barcelona in the quarterfinals after losing 1:4 in the first match. `We are here to fight for our dream and deserve a place in the final, we have a good lead and this is a huge chance for us. ` After we allowed the two goals in the first game, some thought we lost. But this is not the case, but it was only the first game, and now many people may think that Roma just have to win 3-0, but that`s a pretty serious result, and I want to remind that we will be on the pitch, we will not sit in the dressing room, and everybody`s wish is to play in a big bet for something meaningful, `said Clap. If Roma won 3:0 or more, then I would like to congratulate them for the final table, and I do not think we can be considered favorites, although I can say that we are in a bad situation. has not scored a goal in the Champions League as host of the season, and we have no loss, and if these two tendencies are maintained, we will play in the final, `he added.

Klop recalled Liverpool`s triumph in the final of the European Champions` Cup tournament in Rome against Roma in 1984, although he admitted that this result is irrelevant. `Liverpool has wonderful memories of Rome, but we all know that it would help our grandparents win here. ` We`re going to have a match predicted by football live stream at a great stadium, in a great city against a very strong rivalIf you really want to win, you have to be aware of what you can lose, you have to be brave, `said the German.

Blog for football win tips

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