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A football fan raped a girl after a match in Germany

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football tips An abominable incident terrifies Germany. A 19-year-old girl was brutally raped in a train toilet. The lineup was specifically hired to take Borussia (Munich) supporters to Munich for the Bundesliga match by football livescore on Saturday night against Bayern Munich.

The act of the beast was done when traveling back. Inside the train, nearly 750 fans of Borussia, whose favorite footballers were broken 1:5 in the capital of Bavaria, were in the train. The Composition was composed of 15 wagons plus 2 of the type known in our country as a wagon-restaurant. It is in one of them that the rape happened. Borisia, 19, a 19-year-old boyfriend, spoke with the perpetrator of the crime, a German passport, Alexander B. , at age 30.

He had threatened to force the girl into the toilet where he had raped her. This happened at 1 am after midnight. Three hours later, the victim`s parents filed a signal with the police. The train train arrived at 7:30 am in Monchengladbach. At the station there was a strong police presence, as 190 of the so-called risky fans were riding in the lineup. However, uniformed officers managed to identify 559 travelers. Apparently the rape was the rest. On the early afternoon of Monday, Alexander B. surrendered to the police in Monchengladbach. It turned out he was a good acquaintance to her.

He already has one conviction for sexual abuse. The case began in 2015, and in 2017 he was found guilty. However, the rapist is at large, because his defense appeals against the verdict and is currently under review by another court.

For another crime for which he receives 2 years imprisonment, the sentence is conditional and is in force at the moment. Total was penalized for 4 injuries that caused injuries.

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