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Alegri still knows nothing about his future

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football tips Massimiliano Alegri still has no idea of his future and whether it is related to Juventus. The coach has a contract with the club by 2020, but it is often reported that the specialist will go to another club via questions football tips in the summer. I did not have talks with the leadership on the subject, `he said. `I would say that reaching the quarterfinals in the Champions League will not change things. Even dropping out at this stage would make you want to continue to lead the team. Otherwise, I would not take a year`s rest because I`m motivated and want to work. Of course, you never know what will happen to you in life. It is important to stay focused on the rest of the season because there is something else to play for. We have to win the Sudetto and the Italian Cup, because we have not won anything yet in the campaign.

Tomorrow the old lady takes Sampdoria in a duel that comes after Real Madrid`s dramatic visit. If nothing happens, Canluigi Buffon and Juan Quadrado will be holders, the mentor explained. `I have to judge for the attack, the question is whether we should be both Gonzalo Iguaine and Mario Mandjukich or leave one on the bench. One of Daniele Rougani and Medi Benatija will be in defense. Giorgio Chelini does not need a break.

Blog for football win tips

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