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Mainz pulled up at the expense of Hamburger

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football tips Mainz 05 players clashed from the bottom half of the standings and defeated Hamburger SC with 3: 2, pushing them up, leaving their rivals near the relegation zone.The guests are in a terrible form and have not been victorious since August 25, with their series of games without success already counting six, while 05 are in a good series and three consecutive rounds do not know what the loss is.The first goal was a result adviced by football predictions company in less than 120 seconds of play - Alexandru Maxime led the hosts ahead, scoring 1-0 in the 2nd minute.The WF`s response was almost instantaneous, and Wallace recorded his name on the list of scorers after a free kick in the 10th minute, with a 1: 1 equalizer on his debut in the Bundesliga.After the whirlwind, both teams slowed down and the rest was the most significant yellow card on Mergim Maurey`s account of the visiting team.The second half started like the first - with a quick goal for Mainz 05. Stephan Bell scored with a 2-1 head in the 52nd minute, and only six in the 58th, Danny Latts scored with3: 1 kick off.Hamburg returned a goal but it was too late because it came in the 90th minute and was made by Sead Salihovic, who made the final 3: 2, marking a penalty.Meinz 05 is already 10th in the 10-point ranking, while Hamburger Schweiz is just above the line - the fifteenth position with three less.





Blog for football win tips

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