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Allegri:We did the most important, we will play differently against Tottenham

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football tips Champion Juventus achieved a 1-0 victory over Lazio and the only goal fell deep in the added time. Paulo Diballa delighted fans of the `biaconers` and senior coach Massimiliano Allegri, who also looked at the upcoming rematch of the Champions League semi-finals against Tottenham. `Football is sometimes unfair, and we have struggled to make it to 2:2 for the Super Cup of Italy, but Lazio has beaten us at the last minute, and today it was the opposite. ` The game was very tough. and we did not create a lot of things We played the way we needed to do It was important to win and we did it I told the players that a moment could solve the game via football live stream and that`s what happened, `said Allegri.

`Obviously, from a technical point of view, our performance was not the best, we were easily losing the ball, but we were careful about the Lazio counterattacks because they hurt us in previous occasions. for DiBalla, and for the entire team, `continued the coach of the bianconers. `On Wednesday we will have to play in a different way, partly because Tottenham does not defend itself as well as Lazio, ` added Allegri.

Blog for football win tips

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