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Infanto confessed to unity, but contradictions continue

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football tips FIFA President Canni Infantino urges European associations to co-operate in shaping major upcoming international football projects.

`Together, we can make the difference, we hope we can continue working together, ` he said in a speech to guests at the UEFA Congress in Bratislava. Infantino, who was elected president of FIFA two years ago with the help of European voices, has admitted that European associations have been `a little overlooked` lately. Differences of opinion between UEFA and FIFA currently exist for the World Club Championship. Infantino wants to expand the tournament analyzed by footballwintips from the current 7 teams to 24 and to establish it as a summer successor to the Confederations Cup - a plan rejected by UEFA and top European clubs. UEFA President Aleksandar Cheferin, however, wants to expand the new Continental Nations League into a global event and has already begun talks with other continental confederations - without FIFA participation. Serious discussions on the proposals are expected at the next meeting of the FIFA Council, to be held from 15 to 16 March in Bogota.

Blog for football win tips

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