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Icardi should not take a breath, warned a Milan player

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football tips The big derby of Milan knocks on the door and the attention goes to Giuseppe Meazza, where on Sunday night Inter and Milan will look for the way to victory.The new rookie defender Matteo Musakchio knows where the big problems can come from - Mauro Icardi.

We should not let him take a breath, said the 27-year-old Argentine.Since the beginning of the season in Serie A, Inter`s captain has 6 goals in seven games.Mauro, however, is not the only one to look for, `Musakhyo continued.- The rival has a very good team and we must be focused all the time to be happy at the end.We need proper concentration and motivation.We must be like 11 lions and give ourselves everything on the pitch.And, of course, we will need the support of the typhus.We all have a great desire for success among us.I look forward to Sunday.

Milan has recorded two consecutive losses and needs a triumph so as not to lag now in the first place.

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