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football tips It is only one victory that Roger Federer has become the world`s oldest number one in the history of tennis. The 36-year-old Swiss surpassed in a very controversial match the German Philippe Collisreiber in the second round of the ATP 500 category in Rotterdam with 7:6 (8), 7:5 after 1 hour and 42 minutes. In this way, the Federer driver is ranked in the 1/4-finals. If he finds a place at the 1/2-finals, the winner of the record 20 Grand Slam titles will shift from top Spaniard Rafael Nadal. Federer`s next rival will be the winner of the two-Dutch duel Robin Haase and Talon Greenpeakport (No. 259 in the world) co-star who eliminates the Swiss Stan Wawrinka at the start.

The two-time Federer champion (2005, 2012) had to put a lot of effort into breaking down the 34-year-old Kolshireber, but still recorded the 13th victory of 13 matches against the 36th in the ATP German rankings. There was no breakthrough in the first set, and the first breakout in the game was won by Federer in the 12th game. Kolshireber, however, fought for his shot and scored the set in tiebreak, and was very close to winning. The German took a 5:2 lead after a mini-break at the fifth point, and at 6:4 there were two consecutive sit-ins, the first of which was his serve. However, Federer made a 5:6 lead, then led 7:6. Kolshireber leveled for 7:7, but the Swiss still broke his opponent by 10:8, realizing his third setback in the tiebreak and fourth in this part.

In the second set, the picture of the central court did not change much, and the two tennis players earned the games analyzed by football livescore they played in without much strain. The exception was in the third game of the second part, in which Federer wiped three brakes. And the second set went to the tiebreak, but at 5:5, Kolshireber did not stand and with a double mistake he gave his shot - the first break in the match and a chance for Federer to close the match with his initial strike. The Swiss took advantage of the 15 point dispute and will try to write a new page tomorrow in his phenomenal career and in the history of tennis.

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