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Dortmund was angry at Wenger for almost no comment on Aubameyang

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football tips Borussia`s (Dortmund) sports director Michael Cork wrapped Arsenal in disrespect for comments from Arsenal Wenger`s London manager for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The Frenchman`s speech seemed quite discreet, but it was not well accepted by the German club. `Asked about the possible transfer of Aubameyang, Wenger replied:` It is better to keep things secret, you are announcing them when they are finalized. `The Frenchman was then asked whether the Gubb would be a good addition to Arsenal. `Yes, such a character can be very positive or very negative to the team. ` When you take a look at his career and see that he has done well then the character has been used in a positive way. `

This statement affected Zorkwho said:`We think it is unreasonable to talk like this as a player from another team, so far we have not had contact with Arsenal, and we assume Mr. Wenger has enough concerns about the performance of his own footballers.

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