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Roma typhuses have been maddened by the news of the Ninja

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football tips Roma fans have reacted acutely to the news that their beloved Raja Ningolan is facing a club by football win tips break. The information is that the Belgian national was banned for Guangzhou Evergreen for 50m euros. There is also an option to initially be granted with a mandatory redemption option.

In the social networks, the typhoons have called for the leadership of Roma and Nangollan himself to reflect on. Fans are united under the phrase Hands below by Raja, he does not touch. If they really sell it, they will see me again at the stadium after 15 years. It is impossible for one of the three leading midfielder to leave Italy in the winter and we are preparing something to convince him to stay in the comments inInternet.

There are, however, those who think that 50 million for a 30-year-old footballer is a good deal.

Blog for football win tips

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