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Defender hero for Wren in a thriller against Toulouse

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football tips A few days ago, Rehn scored 6 goals from Paris Saint-Germain but today showed that when he has a rival in his class, he can also play attractive and effective. The Brettonians beat 4:2 over Toulouse and became the second semi-finalist of the League Cup in France. A young hero Adrien Hunius, who scored two decisive goals at the end of the game, became the hero of the team.

In the 21st minute Steve Jago scored a ridiculous own goal and Rehn led, but in the 40th Isiaga Sila equalized with a shot from near the point of the penalty. Only two minutes later, Benjamin Burigo detected a centering from the right flank, and again brought Wren forward.

Toulouse made the score 2:2 in the 63rd minute through Yaya Sano to come the time of Hugh and his exact shots in the 86th and 90th minutes. For the semifinals, Monaco was ranked yesterday, and this evening is the last two quarters:Amiens - Pari Saint Germain and Angie Montpellier.

France, League Cup - Quarterfinals:


1:0 S. Yao (21)1:1 I. Strength (40)

2:1 B. Bourigo (42)

2:2 J. Sauno (63)

3:2 A. Hughu (86)

Hugh (90)


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