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Valencia understood the PSG for Gonzalo Gedesh

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football tips The third in the provisional league via partner football tips in La Liga Valencia and the leader in League 1 Pari Saint-Germain have agreed to the transfer of the young Portuguese talent Gonzalo Gedes, a team co-founder. According to the French edition, the bats will pay the PSG 35 million euros for the 21-year wing.

Currently, Gedez plays in Valencia for rent from Paris Saint-Germain and this season he has 3 goals in 11 games with the bats` t-shirt at the Spanish championship. Gedesh will continue to play at Mestayia with the status of a transfer to June 30, 2018, after which he will become the property of the Spanish club. The deal sees PSG, as the French have to comply with financial fair play. Over the last summer, PSG attracted Megastar Neymar from Barcelona and superstring Kylian Mabe of Monaco with transfers totaling about 400m euros.

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