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Mourinho:People want to go out on vacation

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football tips And after the games adviced by partner football tips of the 18th round, the difference between Manchester City and Manchester United remained 11 points in favor of the citizens, which made them favorites for the Premiership title. Earlier today, the Red Devils beat West Bromwich 2-1 as guests and are 3 points ahead of the third Chelsea. Logically, journalists once again asked Jose Mourinho if United had surrendered to the battle for gold. I am aware that this question will always be asked for me and that is why I will continue to say the same, `commented the manager of the Old Trafford team. - Our last match in the championship is against Watford in mid-May and by then we will try to win every match. Perhaps they always ask me this because people want us to go out on vacation. However, we do not want this, but we want to play to the very end.

The Portuguese mentor was asked to comment on the emerging Clip of City players who mocked him about the defensive tactics known as Parking the Bus:I have not seen him and I do not want to do it. Let the analysts draw conclusions and comment. I personally will not say anything.

Mourinho explained that Rommel Lukaku`s goal for 1-0 was in-house and that`s why people should not be surprised that he was not so emotional in appearance:Over the years, one grew up and learned how to behave. I`m ashamed to see how I enjoy matches over 15 years ago. Well, and now I would react so if it is a victory at the end of the meeting. Perhaps that is why Lucaque was restrained after his goal. One reason is probably the one - he looked at me and saw that I did not celebrate loudly. The other might be that he was already a player on West Bromwich and showed respect. `

Blog for football win tips

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