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Florenzi: `Schick is a future champion!`

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football tips Alessandro Florenzi believes that the recent addition of the team Patrik Schick is the future of Roma. The Czech footballer has signed a formal contract, and the Wolves will pay 38 million euros for him.

`I think we have got a great player, a future champion.`, said Florenzi. The midfielder had been recovering from an injury for a long time, but now he is recovered.

`I have waited for 10 months to go in the game. I followed the same line of recovery because I had two identical injuries. I just didn`t have the luck. Except for the first month and a half when I didn`t know where I was, then everything was fine.`

`It is already been six and a half months and I feel better. I got the support of my friends, which was an added bonus for me. I wouldn`t wish that to anyone, but sometimes such moments make you think. It made me a stronger person.`, said also Florenzi.

Blog for football win tips

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