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Radek Šputanek enters the coaching staff of Novak Djokovic

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football tips Former Czech tennis player Radek Sputanek enters coaching staff of Serbian star Novak Djokovic. Belgrade will continue to work with Andre Agassi in Grand Slam tournaments, while 39-year-old Stepanek will help him in the other ATP calendar races. Radek is one of my closest friends in Tura, and I`ve always been impressed by his determination, passion and love for tennis, and he has only recently given up and has tremendous experience and knowledge because he has played at a high level`I am very glad that we will join forces and I can not wait to compete again with a new team behind my back, ` said Djokovic, 30, who has 12 Grand Slam titles.

The Serb backed first place in the world rankings of Briton Andy Murray a year ago, and later split with his personal mentor Boris Becker and his other coaches from the headquarters.

In July, he received an elbow injury at Wimbledon`s quarterfinals and has not played since then, dropping out of top 10.

Stepanek has reached the eighth place in the world of single and helped the Czech Republic win two Davis Cups`. He announced that he would end his career in early November. Czech Republic was the doubles champion in the Chelsea tournament mentioned by blog for football win tips and was number four in the ATP ranking of the duets.

Stepanek is also a bronze medalist at the 2016 Olympics in mixed couples. Djokovic must return to the court at the end of the month at the Abbe Dhabi demonstration tournament.

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