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football tips The decision to leave Borussia (Dortmund) for Arsenal was not taken by Sven Myllinat. This sounds typical of a reasonable, earthly man who has forged his reputation on the basis of looking, listening and perceiving the whole picture instead of trusting in pure instinct.
A structural change was needed behind the Arsenal stadiums for quite some time, but the last one to refresh the organizing chart brings really good qualities that can make the difference for the club. Thyssen, described in Arsenal`s official communique as one of the most respected experts in the selection of football players, has a business card that has given him universal respect across Germany.
Christopher Beerman, author of 11 Freunde, who met Myslinat during conversations about a book on the use of statistics in football, finds him a specialist who combines the modern and traditional player rating model. He is very interested in modern trends with statistics, but he is also strong in his own eyes. Dortmund works with a wide range of scouts with a different approach. He listened to both the modern and the elderly with traditional values to get a complete picture.

Missinson`s past as an amateur footballer, studying Sports Science at Bochum, led him to his interest in analyzing matches adviced by football live stream and working in this department in Dortmund. It turns out at the right time at the right place:the club is on the brink of bankruptcy in 2005, and everything hangs in a hurry, so they risk him and they hire him to organize the scout network. That`s why a self-learning process begins:it asks the scouts what they are looking for in a given target, how, and why.
The road to the target was strange, but Borussia (Dortmund) at that time was the perfect place to learn -;said Beerman. -;The resources were limited and it was very reasonable and careful to choose the additions. If you look at the incredible twist from close bankruptcy to the Champions League final in 2013 against Bayern Munich, you will see four foundations:Hans-Joachim Watsch was the organizing force that led to financial reconstruction;Jurgen Klop overturned the way the team played;Michael Tsork directed the sporting process as a sports director;Sven Mislinat added the thumbnail with the high level of scouting thanks to its precious quality to accurately predict how well a player will develop in the future

The best examples include Shinji Kagawa (Myslinat sees his potential when the majority of scouts ignore the Japanese second division), Robert Lewandowski, Pierre-Emeric Aubameyang and Ousmane Dembele. As Beerman points out, it`s not like these four were completely unfamiliar in the football world, but nobody has shown Misslynn`s flair to figure out who a world-class footballer to predict a career.
In the face of his new addition, Arsenal has found a man whose qualities are reminiscent of those of Arsene Wenger when he comes to England. The French manager`s reputation in 1996 was reinforced by a golden era in the selection of players. He sent Patrick Vieira as an apetizer for several weeks

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