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Celta deepened the crisis in Leganes

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football tips The beginning of the season was like a legend for Leganes, but gradually Aser Garriano`s team began to realize that in a league from football live stream like La Liga it was very difficult to maintain a high level in every round. Tonight Leganes retreated 0:1 in his visit to Celta and recorded a fourth consecutive defeat. The only goal in the game was Jagos Aspas`s penalty shootout in the 27th minute. Asphysey ran half of the pitch in the 9th minute and found himself in a good position, but he fired out. The good interventions of Leganes goalkeeper Ivan Kueyar retained equality until mid-half but in the 26th minute Eric Moran held in the penalty area Johnny Castro and referee Hernandez Hernandez awarded a penalty that Yagos Aspas has coldly realized. For the Celta star, it was the seventh goal in the season. In the second part a serious pass for the hosts made the right back Hugo Mayo. Legganes did not have any dangerous attacks and losses. The two teams are already neighbors in the 17 points, but Celta has a better goal difference. In the next round, Galicians will be visiting Barcelona.





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