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Which are the fastest and the slowest courts in tennis?

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football tips Which is the fastest court at the biggest tennis tournaments in the men`s calendar? The official statistics of the Hawk-Eye CPI system (Hawk-Eye Index for Curb Speed) are now available and distributed by specialized sports media. According to the calculations of the high-tech system, the fastest court of the Masters Tournaments is the one in Shanghai with index 42. 9. According to the Hawk-Eye, a CPI index of 45 or more is for a quick court, 40-44 is a medium-35 medium (between fast and slow), 34-30 for medium slow and 29 down slow.

The calculations are made after the tournaments, and there is a comparison with last year, as for some events the floorings have been changed - for example, the Monte Carlo diving in 2017 is slightly faster with index 24. 9 comparedwith 23. 7 in 2016. For the Masters in Montreal, the comparison was not proposed because the men`s tournament analyzed by football predictions company was held in Toronto, as traditionally the two cities exchange households for men and women. Australian Open has the fastest crate of the Grand Slam tournaments with Index 42. 0, followed by Wimbledon with 37, US Open with 35. 7 and Roland Garros with 21.

The speed of each floor turnsby several factors:

altitude - the higher it is, the faster the conditions, because the ball bounces higher

temperature - the bigger it is, the faster it isthe open or in the open courtyard - basically all open courts are slower than those in the hall

balls - the heavier balls bounce higher and depend on the weather

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