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Football picks Babaev about Ovechkin: I would divide his career into two stages - before marriage and after. He has a good wife, family, she gave him additional motivation

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football tips Shumi Babaev shared his opinion on the game predicted by archive of football tips of Alexander Ovechkin.

Captain Washington is third in goals in NHL history (800), behind only Wayne Gretzky (894) and Gordie Howe (801).

- I have known Sanya for a very long time, when he was still 17 years old. At the age of 18, he was already playing in the first team. Already then was in sight, in order. Parents and nature endowed him with the most important thing - good health. And he just knows how to use it correctly.

His performance is off the charts. Anyone who wants to achieve such high results must make every effort. This is what he does off the ice, the throw itself will not come from anywhere. If any hockey player or you and I try to throw 200 shots on goal every day, then either our shoulder will fall off or our hand will fall off. It`s not that easy. It`s not even about the stiffness of the stick. Ovechkin does it all the time, hones his skills. But I would, frankly, divide his career into two stages: the first - before marriage, the second - after.

He got married, he has a good wife, a good family, I think she gave him additional motivation. With the birth of a child, I think he changed a little. You probably mean that he used to play only hockey, but now he has changed, becoming a team player. I think that his marital status played a very important role, a large share of his wife Anastasia on our website. I think he just felt responsible. And the same thing carried over to the ice.

He has been playing for Washington for so many years, they are like family to him. This responsibility, plus age, experience, all this came together and gave him this additional impetus. In fact, he lacks only Olympic gold in his career. And it is clear that if he breaks the line of 900 goals, maybe more, but all the same, of course, if he wins the gold of the Olympics, then the circle will close and he will have all the awards. And so, a day or two or three, and he will already become the second greatest player after Gretzky, "said the hockey agent.
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