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City escaped after Etihad`s drama

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football tips Manchester City overcame the League Cup finals after a dramatic match against the Championship Champion Wolverhampton. The Citizens won 4: 1 after penalty shootout, with the match at 0: 0 in regular time. The two teams played an exciting match in which no one was missing.

`The Wolves` have been the team that has been the most difficult for City since the start of the season. For the first time in this campaign, Guardiola`s team failed to score a goal. Wolves also had three magnificent opportunities to reach hits, as guest players went out alone against Claudio Bravo but failed to overcome it. Guardiola made nine changes to the last game, but his team again looked impressive because of the long bench at his disposal. Sergio Aguero was among the leaders and took the captain`s lead. The Argentine was looking for his No. 178 goal for the club, which would have made him top scorer 1 in City`s history. But the attacker did not have a day and missed some good opportunities

`Citizens` started a whirlwind but gradually saw that they could not easily overcome the opponent`s defense. They had more chances in the first part, and with the expiration of minutes they were increasingly threatening the door of Wolves. But the guests had not arrived to defend themselves heroically. 19-year-old Bright EnoBacare could become a hero. At the end of the first half he stole the Mangalla ball and went out alone against Claudio Bravo but failed to overcome it. After the break, Elder Kosta was also alone against City goalkeeper, but his experience was unsuccessful. At the very end of the game Enobakare fired away from the defense, but he was already too tired and fired slightly in Bravo`s hands.

It was a sequel in which Guardiola`s team attempted to resolve the game from blog for football win tips but failed again. However, in subsequent penalties, City players were unmerited. They led 2: 1 when H u0026 039, Diaye and Cody made consecutive oversights, and Aguero scored the winning goal with Panenka, knocking the ball technically in the center of the door.

MAN CITY - WALLVERHAMPTON 4: 1 after penalty shootout (0: 0 in regular time)

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