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football tips More than a year after parting ways with Bayern Munich, former team coach Niko Kovac has shown that he remains angry. The Croatian, who won a Bundesliga title with the Bavarians, was sacked in early November 2019 after a 1-5 loss to Eintracht (Frankfurt). He was replaced by Hansi Flick, who won everything possible and was named `Coach No1`. In an interview with hr Pressestelle, Kovacs was asked if he thought he had contributed to the six trophies that the team managed to win as statistics for last season. No. My contribution should be at most a particle, because we had won 9 points from three matches prediction by questions for football tips in the Champions League and we were on the right track, the current coach of Monaco answered ironically.

Hansi Flick finished everything very well, he continued, now visibly serious. - When you look at the success he has achieved at the helm of Bayern, it is normal that he deserves to be chosen as the best among the coaches. For me personally, there are no two opinions on this issue. What he did is sensational, such a thing will not happen soon. In the last weeks of Kovac`s stay, it was rumored that he was in conflict with many of the players. Ivan Perisic and Rafinja even directly admitted that they had problems with the specialist. Do you know what I learned? I learned that truth always has two sides. Everyone accepts things in their own way, and you as journalists should try to hear both sides, not just one. I know exactly what things were, there is nothing more to add, the former midfielder continued. This weekend, Bayern face Eintracht again. This clash will not be easy for Eintright, because Bayern is No1 in the world. When necessary, Munich is always on the level. Still, Eintracht has its chances, because at the moment the team is stable in its performances, the coach concluded.

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