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The struggle between Portis and Mirotic was a matter of time

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football tips The confrontation between Bobby Portis and Nicola Mirotic, who had face fractures for the second, was a matter of time. This reveals Chicago`s legend, Scotty Piton, adding that tensions between the two current Bulls players have been in for months.

Portis and Mirotic are rivals for the title of heavyweight wing in Fred Hoyberg, and on one of the last training before the start of the season the tension between them has peaked. The American sent the Spanish national to a hospital after exact strikes in his face and then was punished by the club`s leadership for a period of eight games. The hatred between them dates back a long time. They are fighting for the same place. I have seen such things many times over my career as a player. I hate such situations because no one wins at the end - neither the players, nor the fans, nor the organization, `commented Tuppen.

Blog for football win tips

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