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Football prediction Liverpool legend: I`m black too, but I don`t see any racism

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football tips The incident in last night`s Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir is not a manifestation of racism, said Liverpool legend John Barnes, who is also black. He believes the only way for assistant referee Sebastian Coltescu to nominate Turkish team assistant coach Pierre Webo is to call him a `black man`.
The chief judge simply asked his assistant which of them should be sanctioned and he had to describe to him what the person looked like. Can you explain to me exactly how he could describe him, except with the `black man`? The judges do not know the names of the coaches. and they don`t have numbers. What else could he do? I`m black and I don`t see any racism in this case. How else can you explain to the chief judge? `Barnes wrote on Twitter.
Coltescu with first words after the racist scandal
The match between PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir will be played today at 7. 55 pm, after the two teams returned to the locker rooms in the 14th minute. The match predicted by questions football tips is not significant, as the French already have a secure place in the round of 16 and the Turks are eliminated.
At the same time, UEFA announced that Webo`s red card has been canceled and he will be able to be present on the bench during the match.

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