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football tips What was the reason for the different performance of Real Madrid against Inter and Alaves. Analysts are wondering why Los Blancos played so differently in a matter of days. They find an interesting explanation from Marca. For the Spanish media, the inclusion of Martin Yodegor in the lineup changes the image of the team. The Norwegian technician helps a lot with the high press and ball control.

Thus, with him in their squad, Real reached 796 assists against Inter, as an explanation for the large number is the early red card of Arturo Vidal. Los Meringue hadn`t had that many passes since the start of the season. Their game was focused on passes and a ball on the ground. Against Alaves, Real Madrid bet on a number of crossings, which set the game predicted by football win tips of the team under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane. Jodegor knows how to stay in the shadows, but his passes and positioning allow his teammates to be more effective. At the San Siro, Toni Kroos intercepted eight balls and Luka Modric - nine. Against Alaves Kroos crossed a ball, and the Croat - five.

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