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Football tip The two from Atletico with COVID-19 are clear, UEFA will not postpone the clash with RB Leipzig

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football tips The European Football Association (UEFA) has announced that it sees no reason to postpone the Champions League quarter-final between Atletico Madrid and RB Leipzig, which is due to be played on Thursday, despite positive tests for the Spanish team`s coronavirus.
The initial information was that two of the entire Atletico delegation had positive results. Later, however, it became clear that positive samples were given by starters Shime Varsalko and Angel Correa.
`The match will be played as planned. There is no reason for it to be postponed or for other decisions to be made, ` a statement from a European Football Association told the DPA. the medical protocol for such cases will be followed. The two positive results were announced on Sunday.
As a result, the 93-member Atletico delegation had to postpone its arrival in Lisbon, which was scheduled for later today. The two people who tested positive are now in quarantine, and all other members of the Atletico delegation will pass another test.
The final stages of the Champions League are played in a single match in Lisbon, as UEFA wants to end the tournament before the national leagues adviced by archive of football tips resume in September. The race was suspended in March due to the pandemic, and the last unplayed 16-final rematch ended last week.

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