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Barca - Olympiacos, torrential rain over Camp Nou (the compositions)

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football tips The irresistible Lionel Messi realized his goal number 100 in European tournaments and Barcelona defeated Olympiacos 3: 1 at home in a Champions League group D meeting, with which the Catalans almost guaranteed their continuation. Apart from the memorable shot of the great Argentine, the meeting will also be remembered with the red card of Gerard Pique. Three minutes before the break, 1: 0 for his team, the Spanish defender received a second yellow card after he scored a goal. Even in a reduced squad, los coules did not question their success for a moment. The Greeks had only one shot in the door and through it scored his goal in the 89th minute when Dimitrios Nicolaou scored. But before that, in the 18th minute, the young man had set his own goal. Messi rose to 2: 0 in the 61st minute, after three more Luca Din made for 3: 0. Thus, Barca already has 9 points and the Piraeus team is the last one with three losses. In the other match via football livescore of the Juventus team, it was hard to beat Sporting (Lisbon) by 2: 1.

The summer addition Paululin was among the blagranas. The Brazilian started instead of Ivan Rakitic, and Gerard Deulofau, who helped in attacking Messi and Luis Suarez, was also given the chance to play.

There was a heavy rainfall over Camp Nou, which made it hard for the players and forced many fans to stay home.

In the tune of the rain, the attacks on the guests` door came from the beginning. In the second minute Lionel Messi got a chance to score, but his foul shot stopped in the wall. In the 5th Suarez made an unforgivable pass, after Samuel Umtiti knocked his head after a corner, but the Uruguay did not hit the outline of the door 2-3m.

Gerard Pique did not position himself well in the 11th minute and was rude to knock down Vadis Ojjidza-Ofoe`s central striker on the ground, giving him a yellow card - his fifth since the start of the season inall the tournaments, which, however, would be `heavy` a little later.

In 17th Paulinho threatened Olympiacos with a bomb attack over the beam.

As soon as the game resumed, the hosts gained control of the ball. There followed a long pass to Deullofeu, who immediately returned sharply to the penalty area, where 19-year-old Nicholas unfortunately guided the ball into his own net - 1: 0 in Barcelona.

Paullinio was determined to write down and in the 24th minute his beam prevented him. Another brilliant feed of Andres Iniesta found him around the goal field and there he fired his head but in the transverse pillar. Two minutes later, the Brazilian became a feeder, and Messi was already seeing 2: 0, but a player in a white team managed to block his shot. The Catalonians` pressure grew stronger and in the 33rd minute Messi eliminated two players, then took Suarez alone against the goalie, but Silvio Proto managed to fight. The second goal seemed a matter of time that would surely end the intrigue. But surprisingly, the game was more than interesting, because three minutes before the break, Pique helped his hand to direct the ball into the net. The referees immediately saw this, and the main referee judged that the defender`s actions were intentional and lifted him a second yellow card and thus removed him from the game.

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