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football tips Seattle received an (un) expected gift for their playoff standings. A day after sealing the elimination spot, NFC leaders learned that they would have to do without Josh Gordon. The lover of cough syrup and intoxicant cocktails has been suspended indefinitely due to the presence of banned substances in his doping sample.
For the wide receiver, this will be the fifth penalty for an NFL stimulant, having one of his college careers. Gordon was removed from Baylor University in 2011 for a positive marijuana test. In 2013, he missed Cleveland`s first two games because of drugs, and in 2014 he was stopped drunk in North Carolina and sentenced to ten games. Another positive alcohol test cost him the entire 2015 season, just as he was about to recover his rights in 2016. Gordon was drugged again and sentenced to a further 12 months.
Last season, Gordon spent in New England, catching the No. 500 touchdown pass in Tom Brady`s career. In December, however, he was admitted to an addiction treatment clinic and his rights were again suspended.
Gordon returned in September, but after six weeks he was released by the Patriots amid suspicion of another positive test. Under pressure from proven scammer Pete Carroll (BA - USC College has been unable to shake off the penalties imposed after his ten-year stay in LA for ten years) Seattle took him away with the hope of passing as usual between drops, but he didn`tthey enjoyed it for a long time.
Gordon played five games adviced by partner football tips for the Sea Hawks, catching seven passes for 139 yards, including one 58-yard bomb Sunday in a 30-24 victory over Carolina.

Baltimore - NY Jets 42:21

Cincinnati - New England 13:34

Detroit - Tampa Bay 17:38

Green Bay - Chicago 21:13

Tennessee - Houston 21:24

Kansas City - Denver 23:3

NY Cants - Miami 36:20

Washington - Philadelphia 27:37

Carolina - Seattle 24:30

Oakland - Jacksonville 16:20

Arizona - Cleveland 38:24

LA Chargers - Minnesota 10:39

Dallas - LA Rems 44:21

San Francisco - Atlanta 22:29

Pittsburgh - Buffalo 10:17

New Orleans - Indianapolis 34:7

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