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football tips Vita Vea became the toughest player to score a touchdown in NFL history. The 157-pound Polynesian, the son of Tonga immigrants, signed at the very end of the first half to defeat Tampa Bay by 35:22 against Atlanta. Wea, who is the leader of the defensive line of the Corsairs, was released as a fullback to the yard by the rival endzone. And after none of Atlanta`s quarterbacks paid attention to him, Vea caught James Winston`s pass (18 of 28 for 313 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions).
According to Pro Football Reference, this is the fourth time a player weighing at least 150 pounds has scored a touchdown in NFL history. Prior to Weah, Jonathan Ogden (Baltimore; 1996, 2003) and Dontery Paw (Kansas City, 2015) did so.
Bea probably improved another record -;for the longest-serving player in an NFL game. The giant`s full name is Tevita Tuliakyono Tuipoloto Mosese Wahay Fechoko Faletau Vea!
The victory kept at least another weekend of Tampa Bay`s (4-7) hypothetical playoff chances. The Corsairs have four wins from the NFK Coverage Zone with five weeks remaining of the regular season, and they visit Jacksonville on Sunday.

Houston -;Indianapolis 20:17

Atlanta -;Tampa Bay 22:35

Buffalo -;Denver 20:3

Chicago -;NJ Cants 19:14

Cincinnati -;Pittsburgh 10:16

Cleveland -;Miami 41:24

New Orleans -;Carolina 34:31

NJ Jets -;Oakland 34:3

Philadelphia -;Seattle 9:17

Washington -;Detroit 19:16

Tennessee -;Jacksonville 42:20

New England -;Dallas 13:9

San Francisco -;Green Bay 37:8

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