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football tips This week, Chelsea and Roman Abramovich were ordered to pay 9 million pesos compensation for Antonio Conte`s dismissal. The Italian was kicked out last July as the team did not reach the Champions League. But this is not Chelsea`s first casualty, leaving Stamford Bridge pockets, and Abramovich has pounded ? 93m for manager defaults. Claudiu Ranieri, May 2004

Compensation:6 million pesos

It`s no surprise to anyone that Ranieri is the first fired Abramovich spec. His future has not been clear since the arrival of the Russian, who wanted more in return for his big investment.

Jose Mourinho, September 2007

Compensation:23, 1 million pounds (for him and his team)

The great Portuguese and Abramovich are breaking up for the first time. Well, definitely Jose and his team have not been that bad about that money. Abraham Grant, May 2008

Compensation:5, 2 million pounds

Grant left feeling feeling surrendered, angry after leaving his post days after Manchester United lost to the Champions League final. Luis Felipe Scolari, February 2009

Compensation:12, 6 million pounds

Chelsea kicked Scolari after 7 months at the head of the team. The club adviced by football win tips did not manage to confront Manchester United for the title and finished 7 points from the top. Carlisle Ancelotti, May 2011

Compensation:6 million pounds

Chelsea kicked off Kaleto after the Italian finished his second year at Chelsea without a trophy, and a year earlier he made a double title and a Cup ofEngland.

Andre Vais-Boas, March 2012

Compensation:12 million pounds

The Portuguese took a lot of money for just 9 months of work. And Chelsea was still in the Champions League, FA Cup and were in the top 4 in England. Roberto Di Mateo, November 2012

Compensation:10, 7 million pounds

Die Mateo won the Champions League and FA Cup as a temporary manager and was offered a two-year contract. But only 8 months later he was fired after a loss from Juventus in the Champions League

Rafa Benitez, May 2013


The Spaniard, who was put in chess and actually was a temporary option, left angry:`Fans do not help us, I`m leaving at the end of the season, do not worry about me. `Jose Mourinho, December 2015

Compensation:8, 3 million pounds (for him and his team)

Chelsea fired Mourinho only seven months after the trophy in the Premier League. He lost 9 of 16 teams and ranked 16th, 1 point over the danger zone

Guus Hiddink, May 2016


Hiddink took over the team as a temporary manager afterMourinho`s insults. During this time, he asked Abramovich to decide who to become Chelsea`s new permanent manager.

Antonio Conte, July 2018

Compensation:9 million pounds

A dismissal that had been waiting for months. The team finished off the Champions League after a year earlier.


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