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football tips Today is not the time for revolutions. December is the month of entering, exploring and evaluating, not shaking the ship. This, of course, does not mean that the revolutions will not turn into reality.
This week, Giuseppe Marotta has officially become Inter-delegated Admin in the sport and technical field, receiving the same authority from the club`s board of directors as financial manager Alessandro Antonello.
Marotta landed in Inter in his toughest days, filled with a bunch of issues to resolve. Stephen Jean, at a meeting on Wednesday morning, clarified to all other leaders the position of their new colleague as well as the club`s short- and medium-term strategies. The president handed over to everyone present the disappointment of his father, Jindon Jeanne, from the dropping out of the group stage of the Champions League, and stressed the need for the elimination stages of the League of Europe to be approached in the same intensity as the most significant continental tournament in the spring.

Four are the knots that Giuseppe Marotta will have to unravel:the coach, the order, the transfers, but the results first. The new guy in the leadership and the neradzuri must help to convey and perceive the lineup of the message that the season does not end with the fatal mistake against PSV Eindhoven and it is vital for the club to focus all its forces on a new ranking in the next edition of the Champions Leagueleague. So you need to avoid dropping the team to a negative spiral, as was often the case in previous seasons.
The second node is the coaching post. Around Luciano Spaleti, there are no questions about his character and his ability to withstand extreme stressful situations. His work, at least in the short run, is not under threat, but for the next season things may be quite different. He may have had the main merit of returning the team to the Champions League, but moving from there to the Europa League is like Ferrari to Fiat Panda. The team has a seemingly fallen guard, winning just one of their last 7 games, against Frosinone, and no big successes against their direct competitors. The six losses in 21 matches by football live stream for the season are also eloquent.

That is why the names of the proven champion Antonio Conte (his plus is that he has already worked with Juventus` Beppe Marotta) and two glamorous coaches, connected with the history of the Nazareth - are also constantly appearing in the press;these are former player Diego Simeone, who created wonders with Atletico Madrid, and brought the historic treble and the last European Cup of the club Jose Mourinho. Inter Milan`s scores and the opportunity to put an end to their Atletes and Manchester United teams open their door to return, while Conte is now completely free after his break with Chelsea.
The third knot is the order. For example, to feel the hierarchy when a strong person in the leadership goes to Mauro Icardi and tells him that it is not good around a decisive game to go for a walk in the Spanish capital and to stir up a bunch of speculation for his premiums

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