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Football tipsters Djokovic opposed openly the organization of two team tournaments

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football tips Davis Cup Tournament in a new format and ATP World Cup will not work for the good of tennis, and this will lead to two mediocre races, according to world-renowned top scorer Novak Djokovic.

In August, the International Tennis Federation(ITF) has been authorized to organize the Davis Cup in a new format next year and the final phase will oppose 18 nations in Madrid in November. Several of the top tennis players, including Djokovic, have criticized ITF`s decision to hold a tournament at the end of a heavy season of 11 months, and Alexander Zverev even said he would miss this race. Meanwhile, the ATP plans to organize a World Cup that will compete with the ITF tournament. Later today, the management of ATP, Tennis Australia and Novak Djokovic will hold a press conference in London on the occasion of the creation of the World Team Cup in January 2020. The tournament will be held in Australia before the start of the Melbourne Open Cup and will include 25 teams that will award a prize pool of $ 15 million. Djokovic believes the ITF and ATP`s attempts to compete will damage the sport. `Obviously, the Davis Cup and World Cup are delicate. We are in a difficult situation to deal with. Over the next two years we will play on these two tournaments, which are almost identical in format and are over six weeks. That`s not good, `he said. ` The Davis Cup tournament, which has been held for 118 years, is generally not favored by the best tennis players and they are not involved in most of the games predicted by football win tips this year. The new format, promoted by Spanish football player Gerard Pique - `Cosmos`, however, aims to increase interest and Madrid was chosen as the first host. `There will be two mediocre tournaments, there will be only one, I have spoken to people on both sides, and I think everyone wants unity, I also prefer quality to quantity, ` Djokovic added.

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