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football tips Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop was more than satisfied with the success of his team. Yesterday, Merseyside beat the 4:0 Bournemouth and have 42 points and no loss in their assets. This is the best achievement in the history of the club predicted by questions football tips at this stage of the championship. However, the German specialist is not excited about such things and said he wants his team to write their own story.

A few years ago I said I wanted to write our own story. What is important is that we have won, not that we have improved a record of 30 years ago. Our goal is to be as successful as possible. Nobody knows exactly what that means. We play in a very difficult league. Having 42 points at this time is great. We usually have so many points in April, and now it`s only December. This is great, unbelievable, and boys deserve congratulations because they fight for every yard on the pitch. Now we can celebrate, then come back home, rest, and tomorrow we`ll do a light workout. On Monday, we are resuming the activities, and then on Tuesday comes the meeting with Napoli. This is life and that`s good. For today everything is fine, said Clap.

Blog for football win tips

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