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There will be anarchy if leadership does not support Mow in the Pogba dispute, says Steve Bruce

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football tips Manchester United`s former defender Steve Bruce has called on the club`s bosses to stand on the side of Jose Mourinho in his increasingly apparent controversy with Paul Pogba. The manager and the French midfielder are in a state of cold war that will hardly be quenched after the coach even takes the captain`s band from the hand of the world champion.

Let`s not be fooled. The influence of the players in the dressing room has always been to some extent, but there must be the necessary respect between the player and the manager, Bruce said, quoted by Mirror. `I was in the team under Alex Ferguson himself, ` continued Aston Villa`s coach. - And he enjoyed this respect from the players. As players, we did not always like that, but we were respectful. If this attitude disappears, the madmen will begin to run the madhouse. The situation is all about itself. And in principle one must be the person to answer. If this is not the case, I guarantee that every club analyzed by questions football tips - not just Manchester United - will have problems. There will be anarchy.

Steve Bruce has three titles as a Red Devils player.

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